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Aube Hair Group operates 320 Beauty Hair Salons in Japan and Overseas.

We have staff with internationally recognized hairstylists who are here to provide each client the highest quality experience in a supportive and laid atmosphere.

Located in Bowery, Nolita of New York City



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Kentaroh is a hair stylist who was trained in Tokyo, Japan. He began his career 14 years ago. In 2011, he decided to move to New York to follow his dream of working amongst New York Cities elite hairdressers. He is a responsible, talented and passionate hair stylist.
Experience: Hair Stylist, Tokyo, Japan — 2004-2011 Worked as a stylist and implemented and facilitated the apprenticeship program. Balayage, Highlights, Japanese straightening and perm specialist in addition to cutting and styling. NYFW Spring and Fall 2015 2016 with Lead stylist Heather Packer for Morgan le Fay. NYFW Spring and Fall 2014 2015 with Lead stylist Janelle Chaplin for Veronica Beard. @hairbykentaroh


Hair Stylist

Emiko Watanabe-Baranello was born and raised in Fukui, Japan where she was trained in the art of precision hair-cutting and styling. In 2000 she moved to New York City in order to further advance her styling career, finding home in the East Village. Emiko has held her foundation in Japanese precision while absorbing New York City’s energy and style in to her technique. Through this method Emiko is able to approach each of her client’s desires in a manner that reflects both their unique style and personality. Emiko continues to reside in the East village and remains alert to new style inspirations. Emiko’s work and praise has been featured in Vouge.
-Emiko is currently not accepting new chemical service clients-

Federico Guerriero

Federico Guerriero

Hair Stylist

Fred started his illustrious career in hairdressing 30 years ago at Headlines on 8th avenue and 21st street in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC. Their he perfected his talent at precise men’s barbering, women’s haircutting and custom hair coloring.

In 2007 he moved close by to the well known Anthony Gianzaro Salon. There he built a large following, to the envy of fellow stylist, bringing him to the point where he was able to purchase the salon. He rebranded the salon Avellino in honor the small village in Italy where he was born.

After many years of success, Kaz welcomed Fred with open arms. Here he takes his passion for hairdressing to the next level, supported by his years long relationships with his clients and his calm and kind personality.


Shinpei Ono

Hair Stylist

Shinpei began his illustrious carrier over twenty years ago at the renowned Tokyo hair salon Twon. After honing his skills he decided to embark on a journey and settle in NYC.

He began his American adventure by receiving employment at Anthony Gianzaro Salon in Chelsea. He started as a stylist and eventually worked his way up to be able to purchase the salon and rebranding it as Avellino.

Shinpei’s specialties include men’s and woman’s haircutting, refined long hair styling and keratin treatment: all which express his gifted talents.

Shinpei Ono

Mio Wantanabe

Hair Stylist

Mio was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan where she graduated from Paris School of Cosmetology. After completing her degree she immediately relocated to New York City.

She started her professional American career 12 years ago by accepting a position at Avellino, a well known salon in the Chelsea area of NYC. There she worked her way up from assistant, then stylist and eventually to the coveted position of senior stylist. Mio’s expertise includes precision haircutting, hair coloring and styling curly hair. Mio’s knowledge of the unique facial structure of each customer allows her to offer each client a customized look.

Her passion for hair is only matched by the passion she has in the relationships with her clientele.



Hair Stylist - CEO

He has talent and passion for expert hair cutting, coloring, and straightening.
He has been working in the hair and fashion industry for 20 years.
Kiyo is an internationally recognized hairstylist specializing in many different hair straighten techniques for frizzy and curly hair. This talent combined with his passion for expert hair cutting, has lead him to be one of the premier hairdressers in both Tokyo and New York City. Kiyo’s artistic talents include all aspects.
@ kiyonyb

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